Certified Legal Translation Services

Equally important with respect to the affidavit is a legalized translation of documents.

The legalization of translation is required when a document designed abroad must have full legal validity.

Our translation agency is specialized in translations and legalized documents; as a first step we will proceed to the affidavit in court, and then we will make the legalization or apostille legalization, depending on the country of destination.

The package final full verbal translation, then paper affidavit signed, with the necessary stamps and stamps, and stamp of legalization of power of Attorney: ready to be delivered to the authorities abroad or at the Consulate.

When the translation is intended forth European Union, to transmit the document from one country to another in the EU, thanks to the removal of bureaucratic barriers should not need legalization.

Unfortunately this is not always valid, so it is always best to check with the institution requiring translation to know which requirements must be met.

Legalization and apostille

You talk of legalization when referring generally to certify by signing a document.

We talk about apostille when this legalization documents of the countries adhering to a specific agreement.

Some countries have joined the Hague Convention: in the case of documents for them so they can affix the document legalization and translation of internal authorities issuing country document (such as Proxy or Prefecture for Italy); before this Convention to do that you could pay only consulates.

For non-member countries the practice is simply called Legalization.

Time and cost

With respect to the certified translation, the legalized translation involves an extra step: the affixing of legalization.

In this case there is no stamps, but an additional Commission fee for the second legal practice.

The delivery times are usually much shorter: 1-2 additional business days for all the most common languages (legalization in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian), and a maximum working week for languages more rare (eg Arabic and Chinese).

In practice ended we always ship the final paper in the original package to our customers throughout Italy. The advance of the scanning of the package via email will follow then sending by courier, to tighten the delivery time and also respect the most pressing deadlines.

Differences between legalization and the legalization of translation

Legalization is the official certification of a signature on a document checks in special registers that the signature is valid. This is called an apostille for countries which have joined the Hague Convention.

This legalization you can make both of the translation, in this case us handle as an agency, both in the original document. In the latter case, you the customer to deal with it: at the Prefecture of their city-office legalizations, though it is an Italian document. At the Consulate if it is an external document.

After this step we will start the translation work legally valid.

If you need the legalization of translation-why is presented abroad–we have to occupy necessarily us, after the passage in court: we go to proxy and we one last stamp, confirming a valid signature of the Chancellor on sworn.

That’s clearly the order of practices:

1) legalization/apostille document (client)

2) Document translation

3) Affidavit of translation

4) legalization/apostille of asseveration of translation.

The first step is not always required, it depends from case to case.

Ask us for advice than your need for legalized translation: our staff is experienced and knowledgeable and will help you navigate the bureaucracy of legal Chinese translations.

Languages and cities

Our translation agency offers legalized translations in all popular languages: English, French, Russian, German, Romanian and Serbian are just some of the examples of our language combinations.

We perform legalizations in the prosecution giving full legal value for our clients; regardless of their city our translation will have full legal value and will be sent in original to Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Monza, Modena, Savona, Venice, Como, Brescia, Ancona, Bergamo, Varese, Salerno, Verona, Ravenna, Padua, etc..