How to host the best ever outdoor projector event

So, a few things to think about first of all…


What is the purpose of the event?  What scale are you catering for? Where will the event be held?  What problems will have to be overcome?


OK, where to start…

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional outdoor events company or a local community volunteer, the planning will be very similar.  Many staged performances, presentations and exhibitions require a large stage, or certainly a large arena, a projector screen is an ideal way to add a background.  It gives the flexibility to change the dynamics of the event, with different colours, graphics and text; particularly useful for music and sporting outdoor events.  It gives the audience a visual to keep their attention focused on the proceedings.  Schools use outdoor projectors and screens during their graduation ceremonies, as it adds another dimension and can be tailored to suit the theme of the event.


Depending on the number of people attending the event, will depend on the size of the screen; it would need to be big enough to be seen from a distance, but not too big that the performers on stage are minuscule in comparison!  The proportion has to be right.  Whether it is simply a big field or a purpose built venue, a screen can be a temporary or permanent fixture; either way the projector and the screen can be removed for storing or safe keeping, however there is also an alternative for keeping the projector outdoors – in all weather conditions and even in a locat

ion where theft could be possible.  A protective projector housing unit provides both solutions, which we will consider in more detail further on.


Another consideration, is the power supply and logistics of installing and erection of the hardware in situ. Will the size of the projector screen interfere with any surrounding objects? ie. electrical overhead cables, waterways, trees and fences?  There are generally no planning restrictions on temporary installations, but of course each state may have their own laws, so it is wise to check first and there may be limitations on the sound levels.  It should not need an army of a workforce to erect the set, but again it does depend on the size of the screen.  It can be as simple as a ‘plug and play’ option, through to a more complicated kit.


Back to the projector enclosure; certainly worth the modest investment, as it is designed to protect the electrical hardware from all weather damaged, including rain, snow and dust swirled up in the wind. But not only that, it is securely locked with high security locks and hinges, ensuring your projector can be left unsupervised, particularly overnight.  Although it looks like a metal box, there are specifically designed features; patented and copyright protected, which make it unique.  Additional attributes can be added, such as sound proofing within the enclosure to obliterate any sound from the projector itself (a low hum can often be heard which may interfere).


So, now you have a basic stating point for hosting an outdoor projector event.  Check out for more detailed proposal of everything you’ll need at a cost effective price.