Sports and Physical trainer for dogs

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Exercise for dogs

Today, our modern society which enables a life full of technical means that solve our work and solve many of the daily tasks, unfortunately leaves no much time to devote to our dog.

Almost all dog breeds we know today, doggy dans online dog trainer review have been created by us, to do a job defined and concrete; Some have specialized so that lead certain specific behavior “in the blood”. I put some examples:

Sports and physical exercise for dogs


In a few cases, these races are still used in their ‘natural’, doing the job for which they were raised. Currently, they are usually purchased for aesthetic reasons, we expect a quiet life in an apartment or a House with his family, with many hours of loneliness and boredom by absence of the owners.

It is understandable that a dog that is highly specialized to do a specific job, depriving him of what more happy makes him in life, can show destructive or aggressive behavior, to reach even to self-harm.

But there is a counter. Canine behavior specialists, educators, many breeders and canine clubs, are aware of the problem and they are providing modalities of ‘alternative jobs ‘ for dogs and their owners, with many very healthy side effects for both.

According to the race and the age of the dog, recommended three hours of exercise a day, which it should provide educational games, social contacts with people and dogs, walks without and with strap and physical exercise.

Apart from the Basic obedience with the orders of ‘feel’, ‘Tomb’, ‘come’ and ‘together’, there are many more things that we can do with our canine friend, to make you feel happy and useful. And that is not only achieved through physical exercise, alsomental exercises help.