Who can perform legal translations?

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To address this issue, there are several conjectures. On one side we have those who think that the key is to have extensive training in the field of translation, with a great knowledge of the different legal systems.

On the other hand, others say that the most skilled professional to perform this type of translations is a lawyer with a high mastery of both languages. On the other hand, in Translations now believe that it is not quite optimal none of the two options. For us the best legal translator must be lawyer and translator jointly. Something that in the European Union comes calling as a linguist.

Professional legal translation is an extremely specialized field that requires consistency and accuracy, as well as a perfect understanding of the legislation. A legal translator must be knowledgeable of the different legal systems, since each country or even in each autonomy there are different laws. The slightest mistake can lead to serious consequences; for this reason, it is vitally important hire a professional indicating the highest quality results.

A legal translator has to have a consolidated academic training in law, having followed the career of law or a Master. We believe that these are the best options, since this type of specialized translation is not dominated by performing a few courses.

Likewise, the legal translator goes to meet different challenges translation to the translation of a legal document, therefore, a great training in the field of translation is also required. Incidentally, specialize in a certain area legal (such as for example, commercial law or criminal law), can prove crucial in ensuring an excellent quality.

In general, the legal translation van a very specialized audience-oriented. They tend to be very objective texts since detailed a specific situations. Broadly speaking, they need not stylistic, drafted with the words fair and necessary and using a specific and specialized terminology. They have some specific features like for example the use of abbreviations. Normally, in scientific texts are linguistic terms of new creation and create empty lexical and hinder its translation into other languages.

The legal translation to translations now.

Ensure the highest quality of legal translation is of capital importance. Does not allow errors and must be rigorous and precise. Any deviation or misinterpretation of any term or law, can assume high economic losses.

For the realization of legal translations, Translations Mars created multidisciplinary teams consisting of translators, lawyers and legal advisers, all them professional specialists with extensive experience. We also have multiple tools and terminology resources at our disposal.

With the constant rise of international trade it is inescapable that agreements, contracts for sale or services, transport or insurance are translated by specialists of this sector. In recent years, the legal translation has been fueled by the emergence of new economic and political blocs with common legal systems.

The European Union, for example, is adjusting systems for the elaboration of legal rules that must be applied in the Member States. To all this, it is add the ever increasing mobility of society and the globalization of tourism and trade, which have inevitably led to new and numerous administrative and legal relations that must be translated.

Today, more than ever, it is therefore essential to have an specialist in legal translations Mars as professional translation services agency, that you accompany and advise throughout the process of internationalization, which protects your investment and all your endeavors to gain access to an increasingly globalized market. A partner you trust, offering you the highest quality translations and to help the growth of your company.

Therefore, we invite you to contact us so we comment your doubts, we explain your project or your needs, and so we can be useful.